About Waste Management

Professional & Reliable
Today, more than ever, waste and waste management are critical issues for us all. The pressing need to look after the environment and to comply with environmental legislation will transform the industry to an even greater extent over the coming years. But, thankfully, the days of quick fix solutions and haphazard disposal are long gone.

Our aim is to provide our customers with the most professional and reliable service the industry can offer. We will do this by constantly keeping abreast of the latest innovations in technology and waste management techniques.

At the heart of our operation is a state-of-the-art recycling centre. It has the capacity to service the whole of the East Anglian region. Over the years our continuing development has allowed us to build a solid reputation with key customers, including builders, manufacturers and Local Authorities. We have gained an unparalleled understanding of their needs, enabling us to meet and exceed them.

Waste Management & Your Business
Reducing your carbon footprint, dealing with duty of care issues, acting responsibly towards the environment, increasing landfill taxes, restrictions and controls on the types of waste that various services and agencies will accept, plus your own company’s green credentials, are all matters that, if not addressed, will have a big impact on your profitability. To combat this, an effective waste management programme will help you to accommodate current and future demands, minimising the effect on the all-important bottom line.

Having Waste Management as your partner will allow you to concentrate on your core activities, knowing that your waste management activities will be looked after by one of the industry’s leading companies.

Investment in new technology is key in the ever-increasing demands placed on the waste management industry. Our aim is to constantly review and evaluate the latest developments in equipment and management systems. This activity and our determination to get it right, and to make the appropriate investments, has allowed us to gain a market-leading position within the region.

Our Staff
All staff in the recycling centre are trained to use the equipment housed within the depot. RTITB standards are adhered to and refreshed every three years. Specialists in this aspect of the waste management industry carry out our comprehensive training programme.

Drivers, although holding current licenses for category C+E (or higher) are also trained to RTITB standards for the use of delivery vehicles. This includes placements, collection skips, bins and RoRo bins. As with station staff, refresher courses are taken by all, every three years.

Health & Safety
To ensure total compliance, our Health and Safety policy is overseen by a consultant, who brings Tech IOSH qualifications, and is a member of RoSPA and Mesh. We have our own Health and Safety policy and abide by the existing requirements of any company we work with.

Our Environment
We all have a duty of care for the environment. We feel that professional waste management companies should play an important part in its sustainability. Although, by the very nature of our industry it can be messy, every effort must be made to minimise the effect on the environment. At Waste Management we go to great lengths to protect our local area, and as a result of our activities we also help to care for many other environments within the region.

Legislation & Guidelines
All Transfer Recycle Stations must achieve a standard of Professional Competence by gaining a Certificate of Technical Competence (COTC).

This is overseen by the Environmental Agency. It constantly checks and monitors our depot and work systems plus other environmental aspects of our business.

A quarterly report of all waste brought in or taken out is registered. This report stipulates how much waste is recycled or goes to landfill, or if it is special waste, its transport and destination. To support this activity a daily diary is kept ready for inspection by the Environmental Agency, who inspect the TRA without notification.

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