Container Hire & Skip Hire Ipswich, Suffolk

Our aim is to provide you the customer with a professional and reliable service. We will do this by working with you to ensure that your needs are met and your recycling and waste disposal is carried out in accordance with current industry regulations

Container Types

Non Compactable Inert Waste

Type of skip: 2 Cu Yd to 8 Cu Yd
Waste Type: Non compactable inert waste only

Inert/Clean: Inert/clean waste includes Broken Bricks, Broken Blocks (not Celcon Blocks – these are Active Waste), Broken Paving, Hardcore, Broken Kerbs, Broken Roof Tiles.

Container Capacities: (with or without door) 8 yd Builders Skip Length 12ft 6ins Width 6ft 6ins Height 4ft 6ins.
Site Clearance area Required: 8ft 6ins width 30′ length for collecton vehicle.
Ready for transfer to: Builders skips for removal to licensed site or stockpile for recycling site. Inert material should be crushed and re-used under, for example, driveways, storage areas, compacted in foundations and in haul roads.

If material cannot be re-used then it should be stockpiled and removed in bulk. The final option should be in an 8 yard designated inert skip. Inert material should be suitably compacted during placement to reduce voids.

Specialist Waste

Type of skip: Covered and Lockable 4 Cu Yd 14 Cu Yd
Waste Type: Specialist i.e. Asbestos

Specialist Waste (non medical)
Specialist waste includes all types of Asbestos, Precious Metals. Recyclable, Resalable Waste, Prevents Fly-tipping, Non-Medical

Site Clearance area Required: 8ft 6ins width 30′ length for collecton vehicle.

Rear End Loaders

The mobile compaction vehicle is designed to handle a wide range of compactable waste. It incorporates a compaction mechanism, which enables it to service several containers before travelling to the disposal site. All waste is completely contained within the vehicle. The containers, located at the custmer’s site, are emptied on site, either on a regular scheduled basis or as necessary.

Container Capacities: 12 Cu Yd & 14 Cu Yd

Site Clearance area Required: 8ft 6ins width 40′ length for collecton vehicle.

Compactable Waste

Type of skip: Compactor
Waste Type: Compactable

Lightweight Active Waste: Lightweight active waste includes Paper, Cardboard, Plastic Off Cuts, Wood Off Cutts, Metal Banding/Straps, Broken allets Polythene Shrink Wrap, Polystyrene, Insulation, Any Material Packaging.

Container Capacities: 12 Cu Yd & 14 Cu Yd

Weight limit for REL is 1 tonne. 2 REL’s to any 1 builders skip

Non Compactable Waste

Type of skip: Roll on Roll off
Waste Type: Virtually almost anything

Non compactabe waste includes MDF & chipboard, Metal, Brick Rubble, Soil, Broken Sanitary Ware, Wood, Virtually any type of waste. Can also offer closed lockaswble RoRo available upon request.

Container Capacities:
20 Yd RoRo Bin – Length 20ft Width 8ft Height 4ft
40 Yd RoRo Bin – Length 20ft Width 8ft Height 8ft

Site Clearance area required: 8ft 6ins widt 40′ length for collection vehicle.

All skips should be placed with minimum effort and offer maximum availability. Site employees should not move skips. Our drivers will try to adhere to the customers’ wishes but will ultimately place a bin in an area, which is feasibly most accessible.

All Health and Safety aspects should be taken into account. Consideration must be given to both pedestrian and vehicle access, also for leachate. Where space is at a premium, the most practical answer is to place waste into one large bin and Blue Star will arrange transfer and recycling at our state-of-the-art Recycling Station facility as approved by the Environment Agency and the Local Council.

For segregation provide 1m working space to rear, sides and between each container, with the sign boards placed in front of each skip, indicating waste segragation.

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