How We Work

Please contact Blue Star to arrange a site visit prior to the commencement of your project. We can then advise on the selection of appropriate skips and their positioning on site. Also, at that stage we will produce a workable schedule to include accessibility, timings and skip numbers for the duration of the project. It is recommended that you avoid moving skips using site staff.

Compactable Waste – via REL or on site compactor, for lightweight materials, which include: wood off-cuts, chipboard, plastic packaging, insulation material, metal banding, polystyrene and broken pallets.
Inert Waste – includes: sand, soil, hardcore, broken kerbs and roof tiles.
Non-Compactable Waste – including: metal, steel, pipe-work, stone and reinforced concrete.
All of the above will be taken to our recycle station to be processed.
Asbestos – lockable skips must be used and should be pre-booked. Once collected it is taken directly to authorised landfill sites.

Service Delivery

Skip service exchanges will be guaranteed same say or the next working day when requested by an authorised person.
Siteings and delivery of builders skips are guaranteed by the next working day.
Off hire and collection of builders skips will be completed with maximum efficiency.
Compactable Waste units should be placed on a regular service schedule.
Call off servicing of Compactable Waste units can take up to two working days.
Siteings and delivery of Compactable Waste units can be eiter immediate, next day or by prior booking.
Off hire and collection of Compactable Waste units can take up to five working days.
Our help line is available to take calls from 6.30am to 6pm Monday to Friday, Saturdays from 6am to 1pm.
Operating with a fleet of 30 vehicles including REL’s and Ro-Ro’s.
With over 2,000 pieces of equipment we have containers to match any requirement.

Client Waste Care

The practical implications of developing a waste care programme require you as a company generating any type of waste to appraise it in some detail. Client waste care does not stop once removed. It is your reponsibility to select a company registered (in terms of equipment, training and regulation awareness) to handle the type of waste you are producing.

It is then our responsibility to use an appropriate disposal point or our own recycling station. We also check that the license of the facility of any third party is suitable for both the type and quantity of waste you are planning to send. At this stage we can assure you that your waste is handled in accordance with Government regulations. remember, you must kee available proper records of all your waste movements for two years.

Overweight Procedures

Phase 1

If upon attempting to empty a conainer on the site the driver believes it has been inappropriately filled or positioned, the following procedure will be applied:

The driver will notify site personnel and Blue Star before proceeding.
Site personnel will be given an opportunity to rectify the matter.
Written confirmation that site personnel have been consulted but the disposal of materials have not been resolved.
Blue Star will outline the options:
1) Empty contain back on site by its staff
2) Authorise emptying of container by skip vehicle
3) Authorise wasted journey.
Phase 2

Client to confirm preffered option and provide purchase order to cover the same.
Client to rebook and confirm with Blue Star for re-scheduled collection option and date.
Once collected Blue Star will confirm to the client the exact weight and cost for completed collection.
Phase 3

Original collection schedule will resume.

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