We are one of the few transfer stations in the country fully licensed to take asbestos waste. Plastic
Graded, sorted and baled into various types for export or home use by various manufacturers.

Builders, Rubble & Concrete
Sorted and where appropriate crushed to type 1. Gypsum Board
Processed then sent to recognised manufacturers for reuse.

Processed and graded then recycled for use by the ladscape and horticultural industries. Tyre Disposal
Tyres are shredded and dispatched to a variety of UK manufacturers for reuse.

Cardboard & Paper
Sorted, cleaned and baled, ready for recycling by leading UK paper mills. W.E.E.E
Stripped into component parts, sorted and dispatched to appropriate manufacturers.

Graded, colour sorted and dispatched to cutlet companies for reuse. Fridges & Freezers
Dismantled, de-gassed, stripped into component parts and recycled.

Virgin wood – graded and sorted then shredded for use by manufacturers of chipboard or animal bedding suppliers. Contaminated wood – shredded and dispatched to landfill sites.

End of Life Vehicles
Removal, storage, de-pollution followed by certified destruction.

Fluorescent Tubes
Will be de-gassed and disposed of in accordance with the current regulations.

Scrap Metals
We can accommodate all types of scrap metal. Either recycling them or disposing of them environmentally.


The Benefits Of Using Us

By utilising our full range of services, your company will derive tangible benefits. This is simply because we offer a truly holistic approach to waste management.

Other benefits include:

State-of-the-art recycle centre
Qualified staff
Proven track record
Innovative waste managements solutions
Full compliance with current and future legislation
Proven to reduce waste disposal costs
Disposal point for special waste

Services Tailored To Individual Needs
All customers are different therefore, all have different needs. We can work with you to develop a waste management programme tailored to suite your particular requirements. If space is at a premium or you need specialist waste control we will have, or will develop, a solution. Our staff have many years of experience working within the industry at all levels, so you can be assured of their skill, judgement and commitment to getting it right.

Waste Analysis
We offer a complete waste analysis service including: advising on current legislation, disposal planning, forecasting of equipment requirements and industry best practices.

Waste Minimisation
By 2010 most large companies will be looking to achieve unprecedented levels of waste minimisation. To do this effectively they will need to work with forward thinking waste management companies who can deliver workable solutions.

Recycling Station
Our state-of-the-art recycling centre is based in Great Blakenham, Ipswich with convenient links to the regions road network. It has the capacity to handle waste from across East Anglia. Currently it can handle most types of waste, however, it is constantly being developed to meet future needs.

Hazardous Wastes
In consultation with our clients we will develop a plan for the safe and appropriate disposal for hazardous waste. Our existing fleet of containers can accommodate virtually all types of waste. However, if special waste needs to be catered for we can design and manufacture containers to meet the requirements.

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